NaPoleonX ambitions to become the 1st algorithmic asset management company for crypto investors. The value proposal is underpinned by long standing performing trading bots running on a variety of highly liquid assets. NaPoleonX will benefit from a large range of existing trading systems developed by an experienced team in financial markets. NaPoleonX will drive DAFs development strategy, benefit from 85% of all gas (performance fees) generated by the various DAFs and allow for preferred access during the future DAFs' launch.


Napoleon Crypto will run a platform that will enable the design of algorithmic solutions on an open source scheme. It will act as an advisor to NaPoleonX by regularly proposing new algorithms to launch new DAFs. NaPoleonX will vote on the effectively launched DAFs. In exchange, Napoleon Crypto will benefit from 15% of all gas (performance fees).


DAFs, or Decentralized Autonomous Funds, have been introduced for the first time in NaPoleonX’s Whitepaper (Dec 2016). DAFs are conceived as smart contracts able to invest in financial markets through trading bots. A trading bot is basically an algorithm buying or selling a given underlying asset (ex: S&P500, ETH …) in order to generate an absolute performance.

A DAF will empower its owners to select (i) which trading bot(s) to use among a selection list provided by Napoleon Crypto and (ii) the appropriate leverage level. This initial “bot allocation” will be reviewed by its owners through a regular voting process.

The “bot allocation” will act as an oracle to give market orders to the DAF. DAFs may need to mirror their actions when operating on real underlying assets (ex: S&P500). Napoleon Crypto has developed a large set of performing trading bots and will offer them for the first DAFs to be created.


WhitePaper GoldPaper BlackPaper
NaPoleonX project description Why algorithmic trading ? NaPoleonX first 10 DAFs strategies & structuring


First batch of quantitative models (for personal use)


JC. Dudek and S. Ifrah managed > 4b€ at BNPP AM


Major upgrades of initial quantitative models batch


Launch of a second major batch of quantitative models


A. Dartois and S. Ifrah met at Ecole Polytechnique ("X") for the Data Science Executive Program


Iniatial NaPoleonX discussion between A. Dartois, JC. Dudek and S. Ifrah


The DAO project

Extension of the DAO concept to formalize DAF

Release of initial NaPoleonX Whitepaper and Goldpaper

New trading bot on BTC/USD (market timing model)


NaPoleonX team joins Ecole Polytechnique accelerator program

NaPoleonX team joins the StationF through Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées incubator in July

Release of NapoleonX BlackPaper in July

Update of WhitePaper in September

Launch of Index Publisher Beta version in September


Stéphane IFRAH

Stephane started developing algorithmic strategies more than 10 years ago at BNP Paribas. Stephane headed an investment team managing EUR 4.0bn until 2013. He then turned to entrepreneurship and participated in the launch of a Hedge Fund. He has built a more than 20 long standing scalable strategies library over the years. More recently, he has started developing for the crypto currency world. He graduated from the best MS in France (École Polytechnique) and holds another MS degree from ENSP. He also holds a Data Science certification from École Polytechnique.

Arnaud DARTOIS (PhD)

After several years working as a private equity investor, mainly in the health and waste business, Arnaud became independant advisor and entrepreneur. He's got interested in Blockchain since 2015 and met Stephane during the Data Science Program organized by École Polytechnique (French MIT). They formalized the DAF concept in December 2016 and decided to launch NaPoleonX afterwards, to revolutionize the emerging blockchain investment universe. Arnaud holds a MS from École Polytechnique and PhD in Computer Science (Algebraic combinatorics) from École Polytechnique and ENS.

Jean-Charles DUDEK

Jean-Charles is an experienced banker with more than 12 years in Tier 1 banks. As former Head of Active Protected Fund Management at BNPP AM (heading 3 experienced portfolio managers), he managed more than 3bn€ of AUM for several years. Jean-Charles has a long standing experience on both sell and buy sides. He met Stéphane when they both worked at BNPP. Stéphane asked Jean-Charles to join the project and to bring his management and structuring strong expertise to the crypto universe. Jean-Charles studied Bank, Finance and & Insurance in Paris IX Dauphine and Paris X Nanterre.

Stefan DUPREY (PhD)

Stefan has a strong and mixed profile being a quantitative developer with extensive expertise in derivatives pricing, electronic trading and asset management but also extensive programming knowledge ranging from C/C++, java up to python and R. Stefan got recently hooked up to smart contract programming and is a blockchain enthusiast. He has been the recipient of a PhD thesis from INRIA at the meeting point between applied mathematics, computer science and physics.

Alexandre COUTOULY

Alexandre is a Software Engineer. He started his career as responsible of several Trading tools on the Listed Products Trading Desk at Société Générale CIB before joining Ernst & Young as a Senior Consultant where he met Stephane. He holds a M.Eng. from Ecole des Mines de Douai.


A software engineer with an extensive background in finance. Rémi started his career as a market risk analyst at Crédit Agricole CIB before joining Société Générale CIB as a software engineer. Within delta one trading desk, he was responsible of several tactical tools and automatons.

Diane Guillemin

After numerous experiences in both international and small companies, Diane developed a keen interest in entrepreneurship and joined NaPoleonX in April 2017 as CMO. She graduated from Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris with two Master’s Degrees: one in Applied Mathematics and the other one in Banking and Finance.


Marien holds a Bachelor degree in economics and a Master in finance. He is a CAIA charter holder and a CFA level 3 candidate. After several experiences in investment and risk management, he wanted to dedicate his career to a new challenge, driven by his deep passion for crypto currencies and blockchain revolution.

Chen LUO

Chen was recently equity analyst analyst at BNP Paribas before joining NaPoleonX as CMO China. She previously worked at MicroStrategy as software tester for 2 years in China. Besides, she started an entrepreneur project in translation service. Chen holds a degree from EDHEC a French business school and B.A. degree in electronic engineering (Photovoltaics) from ZheJiang University of Media and Communications. Chen is passionate about photography and was a latin ball room dance professor.


Carlos is student at École 42, a school based on a peer-to-peer learning model founded by Xavier Niel, also founder of StationF, the world biggest startup campus. He has great skills in C language and an autonomous, polyvalent profile. He loves blockchain, computer languages and philosophy.

Kun Xu

Kun is an engineer student at École Polytechnique (French MIT). He has obtained a Bachelor degree in Mathematics in China and he currently works for NaPoleonX as an analyst. He is interested by the Blockchain technology and he prepares himself to participate in the revolution of cryptocurrency.

Jianfei Zhang

Jianfei has got a bachelor’s degree of Southeast University in Information Engineering and is studying applied mathematics and computer science at École Polytechnique. With experience in web development and deep learning, he is passionate about all kinds of innovative technologies related to computer science.



Jerome is a manager at the EY Paris Lab where he leads the blockchain team. Trained as an economist, he switched to miner after discovering Bitcoin. He is also the president of Asseth a French non-profit that promotes Ethereum. He co-organized EDCON in feb. 2017, notably featuring Vitalik Buterin.

Stéphane MARDEL

Stéphane is the co-founder and CEO of United First Partners, a leading global special situations group providing brokerage, research and financial advisory services to large financial institutions and corporates. United First Partners has been ranked #1 independent Pan European Special Situations Research for 6 years (including in 2017). Prior to founding United First Partners, Stephane was a managing director at ICAP, and previously worked for Tullett Prebon, KBC, Natixis and BNP Paribas.


Lucas started as a cameraman before starting assembling videos for different production companies. In 2013, Lucas launched his own company, MAGGLE, specialized in motion design. MAGGLE intervenes in digital communication for companies ranging from start up to large companies (MAAF, BANKIN, BNPParibas, FFT,...).


Napoleon Capital has been advised by Arnaud Grünthaler and Simon Polrot from Fieldfisher (France) LLP. Fieldfisher France is a global law firm having an extensive track record on blockchain topics and regulatory ICOs matters. Arnaud Grünthaler and Simon Polrot are also members of the AMF working group on ICOs and are leading the legal working groups from France Stratégie on blockchains matters. Simon Polrot is the founder of Ethereum France.


Napoleon Capital has been advised by Dr. Vincent Mignon from LE/AX (Switzerland) to design the utility of the token as well as the conformity of the Whitepaper. LE/AX has the expertise to advise start ups on "all legal and strategic aspects linked to Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. This usually occurs at the early stage of a new structure active in this field and includes advice on regulations (obtaining necessary authorisations for financial markets), contracts (smart contracts, shareholder agreements, joint venture contracts, etc.) initial coin offerings and related tax aspects".



You can now join the pre-sale by filling the form below.
30% bonus granted to all subscribers registered for the pre-sale subject to a final investment between 1x and 1.5x Min amount from the ETH address indicated.


- 17 NOV 2017
MIN CAP 25 000 ETH
MAX CAP 100 000 ETH

When will the ICO take place?

We will launch our ICO on the October 23rd 2017. It will end on November 17th 2017.

The smart contract address of the ICO will be at napoleonx.eth. The number of the block at which the crowdsale will begin will be specified later.

A pre-sale will be open from October 10th to October 17th to people having registered for the green list. The smart contract address of the pre-sale will be at greenlist.napoleonx.eth.

Which cryptocurrencies will be accepted?

The only cryptocurrency that will be accepted is Ether (ETH).

How will the tokens be distributed?

The Napoleon Token is a token on Ethereum platform. We are targeting to raise 40 000 ETH but will allow to raise more up to a hidden cap level. However, there will be a formal max cap at 100 000 ETH. In the case of a 40 000 ETH ICO, the associated tokens would be split as follows :
ICO participants : 70%
Social Bounty : 2%
Advisors / miscellaneous : 13%
Founders share : 15%
There will be no token creation, minting or mining after the ICO period. Tokens will be transferable once the ICO is successfully completed.

How will the tokens be sold?

The NaPoleonX ICO and the corresponding token creation process are organized around smart contracts running on Ethereum (at napoleonx.eth). Participants willing to support the development of our project can send ether to the designated address (napoleonx.eth). Then, if the minimum cap is reached, NaPoleonX Tokens (NPX) will be created at the end of the crowdsale at the rate of 100 NPX per 1 ETH.
Our ICO is implemented as a smart contract with few parameters: a minimum cap and a hidden cap.
If the minimum cap (25 000 ETH) is not reached after the ICO period, ICO participants can claim their Ether back from the contract.
If the hidden cap is reached, the crowdsale shall terminate by anticipation and the NPX tokens shall be created immediately.

How can I participate?

A pre-registration period has been launched where you can register to a green list your early commitment in exchange of a secure investment in the ICO with a bonus. This registration may end at any time after September the 23rd and at the latest on October 17th.
People having registered may participate to the pre-sale from October 10th to October 17th at greenlist.napoleonx.eth.

People who haven’t registered to the green list may only participate to the crowdsale from Oct. 23 rd . The precise number of the block at which the crowdsale will begin shall be disclosed before the beginning on the website, the slack and telegram channel.

Why are we launching an ICO?

The proceeds will be used for:
1. Participate in the set-up of Napoleon Crypto and its platform (including the acquisition of an asset management licence)
2. In the case of a successful ICO raising over 40 000 ETH, Napoleon Crypto would seed the first DAFs.

How will be spent the funds raised?

40 000 ETH

Asset Management License / legal /
Operational infrastructure ...
Overhead costs 12.5%
Platform 10%
Data acquisition
PR 12.5%


April 4-6th 2017 -
June 15-17th 2017 -
July 7th 2017 -
July 12th 2017 -
August 19th 2017 -
- May 31st 2017
- June 17th 2017
- July 11-13th 2017
- July 13-14th 2017
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